How to Gain Weight Quickly in 7 Days


What would you do if you suddenly knew how to climb 7 kilos in 2 weeks? What would you do if you suddenly had 6 kilos more in the correct areas of the body?In this article I will teach you the method so that you know what to eat, when to eat it and what type of exercise you must do so that you can gain weight and have a healthy body and very attractive.

I intend to take you step by step through the process to gain weight, helping you to establish a meal plan and providing you with an exercise routine to gain weight in areas that look good your new pounds.

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6 key points to gain weight
In this article I explain the 6 key points for you to gain weight:

  1. Determine a number of calories you currently eat.
  2. Establish your meal plan so you know how to gain weight in a healthy way.
  3. Which foods are best for gaining weight.
  4. How to eat lots of calories even when you feel full.
  5. The best way to train so you can gain quality muscle mass (if that’s what you want).
  6.   How to use supplements to maximise the process of how to gain weight.

How to Gain Weight Quickly in 7 Days

My story: I was once a skinny kid. Very thin.

Not only that, but it was also what can be called “gordito fino”.In other words, I had a big belly and arms of straw.Although I loved to exercise, I was thin, I looked like a malnourished person.I felt sorry for taking off my shirt when we went to the beach or swimming in the pool of a friend’s house. I did dozens of things to try to gain weight, nothing worked.At times it seemed like I had been eating since the sun came up, but despite that, the scale stuck around 63-65 kg until the last year of my career.Two and a half years later, by the time I was 27, my life had turned dramatically. I was now 86 kg of solid muscle, stronger than I ever imagined it would be, and the girls would talk to me.This probably sounds like an exaggeration or some kind of selling point. I apologize if it seems so, but it’s the truth.In this article I want to share a few things I learned during those years. I’m going to provide you with specific training, nutrition, cardio, rest and even dietary supplements. If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way, please leave your comments below.

How to increase your glutes if you are a woman:

All the points I explain below apply equally to men and women except with regard to exercise. Exercise to increase buttocks for women should be different. Click below to know the 7 exercises to increase your glutes:

How to increase your muscle mass if you are a man:

If you want to gain weight by avoiding that the weight goes to your stomach I recommend you read our guide on how to increase muscle mass, click below to read more:

How to Do Cardiovascular Exercise Correctly for Weight Gain
Looking back over those years, it’s easy to see what he was doing wrong and why he was not gaining weight (and muscle). Here are the main reasons why I was not making progress:

Excessive Cardio – I was over exercising. TOO. During the summer months I was away from the sun until I got up, running, playing baseball or basketball, or swimming. When I was not out, I was indoors doing some forms of cardio – doing step, jumping rope, or even doing aerobic (yes, it was the early 80’s). It was not uncommon for me to run 3 miles a day, make 45 minutes of step, and play baseball for 4 hours. This was just another typical day for me.

So here’s the problem: while undoubtedly healthy and fit for all that exercise, he was spending an incredible amount of calories. Am I telling you that I should have stopped exercising completely? Of course not, cardio work is a great way to improve overall health. The problem of doing “too much” cardio (and exercise in general) is that it conflicts with another of our primary goals – like gaining weight.

Studies support common sense in this area.

A recent meta-analysis on the impact of cardiovascular exercise on resistance training determined:
Our results indicate that the interference effects of resistance training are a factor of the modality, frequency and duration of the selected resistance training.

The conclusion is that when you run a lot of cardio at the same time as resistance training, it influences the results of how to gain weight. The more cardiovascular work you do, the greater the tendency to impact your results. If your primary goal is to gain weight and make muscle, then it would make sense not to encourage too much cardio. This is a conflicting goal; Because it conflicts directly with your goal of gaining weight. Because of this, it makes sense to minimize the amount of cardio you do.

If you are a thin person, keep your cardio sessions about 3-4 per week for 20 to 30 minutes each. If you play sports or have an active lifestyle and you can not really reduce cardio, then it’s time to improve your diet.

Not eating enough – Most thin men think they are eating enough, but they are really just taking the recommended daily intake. Here’s what I suggest: instead of assuming, spend a week recording everything you eat.


The guide to How to Eat More.

Do not change your eating habits, that is, do not eat on purpose more or less than normal. At the end of the week you spend some time watching your choice of food. Learn exactly how many calories you took, on average, over the course of the last 7 days. If you need help, there are numerous websites and books that provide nutritional information for every possible food.

What does this number look like? Is it above 3000 calories per day? I guess your food intake is less than expected.
Weight gain is like any other activity in life, so it requires a certain minimum time investment if you want to become an expert. If you want to make a basketball team, you will need to take some practice time. If you want to beat the latest Xbox game, this will also require a minimal investment of time.

If you want to know how to gain weight, you will need to spend some time analyzing and planning your diet plan.Staying weak – Progressive overload is the law. “Training”, despite being healthy, is not a magical method of building muscle mass. If you are not forcing yourself to go to the gym to get strength, you will not gain muscle. Stay weak, stay skinny – this sums it up nicely.When you use force to lift or push weight, you are forcing your body to respond. In response to this request, you will gain muscle – as long as you are not eating.During my teenage years I did many bodyweight exercises, as well as bench press and curl exercises. Unfortunately, I always used the same weight, week after week, year after year, and I was unable to develop any muscle.No one ever told me that the body adapts fairly quickly to a certain weight, and that more resistance would be needed. I thought I could magically “pump” my biceps and my biceps making them grow at 95 pounds on bench press and 25 pounds on curl exercises.


Next Steps – Time to gain weight and build muscle

We have determined that thin types need:

  1. Stop doing so much cardio.
  2. Eat more food.
  3. Become much stronger than they are now.
    Cardio is the easy part. We can control how much cardio we do each week. Let’s move on to the next stage of our journey, and learn “how” to gain weight properly and in a healthy way.

How to gain weight
This section will provide you with a step-by-step process for gaining weight in a healthy way. If you have any questions regarding diet and nutrition, please do not hesitate to do so in the comments section below.

Step 1 – Analysis of your current diet
This is an essential step in the process, so do not skip it and try to guess your average calorie intake.The truth is this … most thin guys think they eat enough, but when you ask them how many calories they eat every day, they’re not sure. This uncertainty is an important part of the problem.If you can not gain weight, you have to do something. You have 2 options:

  1. Keep doing what you do, in this case guess how many calories you consume daily, and expect to gain weight.
  2. Take control of the situation, learn what you eat, make the necessary changes, and set a minimum daily amount of calories as a goal.

Obviously, the second option is your only option. So, having said that, let’s begin.

Grab a laptop, a desktop computer, an iPad, an iPod or a phone. You’ll have to write down everything you drink and eat this week – no exceptions. If you are not sure of the exact amounts, write things down in a way that makes sense to you. For example:

  • A portion the size of a fist of potatoes.
  • 1/2 box of macaroni and cheese.
  • Almost a large glass full of milk.
  • Use this calculator to find out how many calories your body needs before you start gaining weight right now.

Think again before sitting on your massage chair!

Massage chairs in the shopping centers are also preferred because they are cheap and promise of relaxation in a short time. How healthy are these massage seats? What should be considered?

massage chair!

Massage has been used by people for various purposes for centuries. Massage has a complementary role in treatment as well as medical treatment with the functions of protecting and treating diseases.

Cellini Managing Partner İbrahim Erim says that you have the opportunity to have your own massage, even at home, even at your computer, at home, even if you have a lounge with a ‘mini vacation’ massage for your day,

‘Massage chairs are easy and practical, but not every massage chair is healthy. We can not say that massage seats, which offer uniform settings, are healthful, especially in shopping centers. You need to be careful. ”


Having a massage can have serious physical and mental impacts as well as serious damage if not done carefully. Cellini Executive Partner Ibrahim Erim, who sheds light on this subject, offers the following statements for the damages of massage seats: ‘Massage chairs promise relaxation in a short time, cheap to the person. A lot of people can not resist an area that offers relaxation for 1 lira in 3 minutes. However, people are not aware that you are throwing your health into serious danger for temporary relief. Products that are produced in environments that are not suited to health and hygiene conditions, products that have not passed research and qualification tests, can cause many harm to my health. ”

Cellini Executive Partner Ibrahim Erim, who draws attention to the difference in height between those who use the seat, ‘Seating in the shopping centers, standard sizes are produced. Since there is no height adjustment, the place on the back of a tall person can apply pressure on the neck of a shorter person. In this case, it is quite possible to face health problems going as far as philosophy. ”


He said that massage, which is used by many cultures, is a method that is considered as complementary to medical treatment nowadays. “For a healthy massage, first of all, there needs to be special massage methods for his own metabolism. For this reason, everyone should use their own massage equipment and armchairs for their own needs. ”

Emphasizing the need to pay attention when choosing a massage chair, Cellini Managing Partner Ibrahim Erim said, ‘Massage chairs are available for people of all ages. Massage seats should be preferred in home type massage seats, which automatically scan the body of the occupant to determine their physical characteristics. He also emphasized that best massage chair for tall person costs more than a casual massage chair. Thus, a special massage can be done for children, elderly or different weight and height. “Massage chairs are a luxury healthcare product, not luxurious due to its protective effect against diseases and stress. Be careful when making your choice, do not be your health for health. “

Article Rewriter Tool Easy Way To Get Unique Article


The introduction of the Tool:

No one is perfect in this mortal world. Each and every creature of God has one or other deficiency. Human beings, being the premier and supreme creature, has versatile types of skills. Still, there are certain deficiencies which are associated with them. The human brain is a complex apparatus that has been designed to carry on various tasks in order live a near to perfect life. Still, it is said that the human brain has a limited capacity. It can handle a huge but never a limitless amount of data in its storage and memories. Vocabulary is a primary step to write in any language. Without having proper storage of words, it is almost impossible to design an attractive manuscript. But the problem is that most of even the talented writers are not blessed with a handsome vocabulary. So they face extensive problems while writing articles, especially when on related topics. Moreover, plagiarism has also been a chronic reluctance in their daily professional activities. Some of the authors get succeeded to produce up to date articles, but this took a very long duration of time to design them.To prevent these troubles, a need of designing a software or tool was eagerly felt, that may gift a writer with a number of synonyms of a single word, and can help him or her in creating a unique and stat of the art manuscript for various purposes.Following the proverb of necessity is the mother of invention, a tool was designed that was not less then a blessing for the researchers and writers as, with this tool, it was made possible for them to provide the novel and unique articles in the shorter period of time. This tool was termed as article rewriting tool.

Article Rewriter Tool

Usability of the Tool:

This tool is of amazing qualities and attributes, because of which it can be regarded as on en of the most needed tool ever for the personals engaged in online business and digital marketing. Moreover, this tool is also not less than a gift for the writers of any kind of literature including academic articles, thesis, papers, as well as books. Similarly, it may also be helpful to the media related task force in writing of news, columns and articles etc. In short, all kinds of writers can get benefit out of this outstanding tool.

How to operate this Tool:

It is a very easy and simple task to operate this tool. The user just has to copy the text of his choice and past it into the window which is specified for such kind of tasks. Now by scrolling down the page, he or she may find a button that will act as a trigger for starting of processing of the pasted text. By clicking on this very button, he or she will be able to visualise a wait mark, which is an indication of going on processing action. After completion of the processing, all the words included in the text are converted into their synonyms. In such a way, plagiarism in the given manuscript is brought down to zero percent in a few minutes.

How SpongeBob cooking games is worthy to play for people of all ages

How SpongeBob cooking games is worthy to play for people of all ages

Description: want to know about how SpongeBob cooking games are decent to play online for people of all ages? In this post, you will get all the relevant information and answers to your doubts.


If there is one character that is so amazing and fun loving which people watch and enjoy it is their favorite character SpongeBob because of it famous all the kids and kids loved him so much. How about now you get to play him in the game which based on cooking subject. Yes, you heard it right, there are many games have developed online but none of them close to the real fun this one individual provides.


You will dive into the world of SpongeBob cooking games with undersea antics and along with his crew to save the world from the evil empire of Mr. KRABBY Patty. The game itself is so much colorful and unusual that you won’t want to leave any level unfinished. You’ll also get so many free trial levels to get used t the environment and save your progress as well.

This game seven little words is the first of its kind that a cartoon character has been turned into a playable version and will have your crew with you that fun never stops for you no matter what.

What will be your primary objective in the Game?

Your central goal begins in the match as a decent cook SpongeBob, and you will serve your customers by taking their orders and deliver them in time. You are the owner of the restaurant, and you will make sure that all your clients are satisfied from your cooking skills. This game has tried a different approach to making you love the character as much as you like to see him on the TV.

Your main enemies are the robots who will stop you from stealing your materials and cooking ingredients. They will run your business, and it is up to you stop them and maintain balance at the same time in your business.

How many categories will you find on the list?

Well, there are so many types you will find in the ‘’SpongeBob cooking episodes’’ but only a few that are surely going to steal your heart and very addicted such as,

  1. a) SpongeBob Pizza delivery
  2. b) Patty Panic
  3. c) KRABBY Catch
  4. d) SpongeBob Flop or flip
  5. e) SpongeBob KRAB-O-MATIC

If you want to play more games like this one then visit :

Are there any features that need to know?

The game is hilariously funny, and every level you play filled with fun and laugh. Every character in the team holds a unique ability. You will get to explore large restaurant and buy coins to upgrade your services. You can purchase so much, and the excellent thing about it is that the game has power-ups in the store that will boost your abilities.

When can you sue cheats to clear all levels?

You can use ‘’SpongeBob cooking Cheats’’ Whenever you feel stuck on a particular level or in an episode so it can help you clear more quickly and your interest remains intact.

Why will people love to play this on an online platform?

You can go online and start playing SpongeBob cooking games right away it requires the latest version of flash player and your browser needs to inherit with it. It is a very addictive game that boys and girls will certainly a have a great time spending their hours playing as their favorite character.


Building Healthy Relationships With Each Other.

Today I was asked to give a 30 minute keynote address to Capital City Schools in Dover, Delaware. When I first read the assignment I freaked out. Thirty-minutes???? How can I impart any knowledge in thirty-minutes? Then I thought….this is a great challenge because what do classroom teachers do every day? Teachers have to build relationships with students in a very few minutes as they enter and exit the classroom. It is perfectly fitting that I develop a thirty-minute training on developing relationships. Take a minute to check out our sponsor: NHS Heroes where you can buy Codeine anywhere in the UK.

I told the group about Each One Save Five. Bhaermann and Kopp say a student is less likely to drop out of school if one adult other than their teacher, knows and uses their name in a positive way. One of my favorite high schools in Weatherford, Oklahoma developed Each One Save Five for their school. They took the total number of students in the school and divided it by the total number of adults in the school.

This included the custodian, clerical, and even cafeteria workers. Their number came out to five. Once a week, each person must make positive contact with their five students. It can be emails, postcards, phone calls to the home answering machine, letters home, notes in the locker or desk, or messages delivered by office aides throughout the day. Imagine the power we have with just this one tidbit. Even a bus driver who has very little contact time with a student can learn their name and save them from dropping out of high school. How many times have we heard a famous person talk about how much trouble they were in when they were young and one adult took an interest in them and turned them around? It happens a lot. That is one person making a difference.

The second tidbit I focused on was greeting students at the door using TUMS which is my acronym for interacting with students. The “T” stands for touch. We stopped touching children a few years back because we were afraid we were going to end up on the six o’clock news. A perfectly proper greeting would be to shake a student’s hand. This is touching in a socially appropriate way. Teachers can also do fist bumps, high fives, low fives, pinkie bumps, elbow bumps, or implosion/explosion hand bump. The message to the students is that I value you.

The “U” stands for use their name in a positive way. Not “Oh Ferris it’s you.” Rather, “Ferris, so good to see you. How was your sister’s birthday party last night?” Any little message indicating you noticed or remembered something about them. Doing this as the students enter the door can give you a heads up on who is having a good day and who is not. A few seconds in the hallway before class starts can make all the difference in the world.

The “M” stands for make eye contact. As a society, we have decrease face time by 62% since the 1950′s. Albert Einstein once said he feared the day that technology surpassed human connection. It seems he knew this day was coming. Students today have never known a time without smart phones or technological games. When I was a child, we ate dinner at the dining room table and we talked to each other. When I was a child I played outside when the weather was nice and when it was too cold to play outside we sat at the dining room table playing board games. All of these activities gave me eye contact with my family and my friends. Today, students eat their meals in front of the television. Children do not play outside or at the dining room table. Children play their games facing screens. So kids are desperate for face time. Eventually, the students figure it out. “If I stand up in class and say “F” you, you “F>>>>ing” “B” they get a ton of face time from peers and adults. If we give them eye contact before they have a chance to take it during class, they will not resort to that behavior in the classroom.

The “S” stands for smile. We are so busy thinking about what we are going to do next that we forget what we are doing with our face. As a presenter sometimes I look out in the audience and it looks like everyone is mad. It’s not that they are mad. They are so busy thinking about what I am saying they fail to smile until I tell a joke. We do this at school in the hallway when we greet the students and each other. We have 50 balls in the air that we are juggling at any given moment. Read a joke a day or tell each other jokes in the hallway before the bell rings just to remind ourselves to smile.

So stand at the door and do “TUMS”. Turn off your fluorescent lights in your room and put a desk lamp with a 60 watt bulb in it. Play 60 bpm music. Put a thought provoking question on the board for them to ponder and be ready to answer when the lights come on and the music goes off. If you do these things, you will have less disruptions in the classroom.

I’ll share about the sixty beats per minute and why that is important in another post. Have a wonderful school year.

Why Pressure Cooker Saves Energy

The trend of using pressure cookers has been increasing day by day, but some people still don’t like to use it.The reason can be that they might be afraid of the explosion of a pressure cooker. Most of the people run out of their kitchens when the pressure cooker is on the stove.

But the time has changed.Modern pressure cookers like Fagor etc are totally risk-free now. No horrible sound is produced by pressure cookers of this era.They have features which don’t allow them to build up high pressure thus decreasing the risk of any loss.Modern Pressure cookers have the lid that doesn’t open if pressure is not released.Huge improvements have been made which make risks a thing of past.Keeping a pressure cooker is no more a risky thing.Having a pressure cooker in your kitchen will give you many advantages like :

Why Pressure Cooker Saves Energy

The nutrition of food is not lost and the taste is way better

The sea foods which were cooked using other cookware materials took a lot of time.But now one can have delicious seafood which is cooked in a pressure cooker and is healthy for health. It has been observed by the nutritionists that the more you cook a specific meal,the less in nutrients it will be.

The foods which are cooked in a pressure cooker take less time to be ready .They don’t consume much liquid. The magic is that all the liquid is boiled and rich in nutrition food remains aside.Foods are prepared in less time because they don’t lose their nutrients and color.They can cook food seventy percent faster than any other cookware, and that is a great achievement. Mostly,other cookware takes more time and decrease the number of nutrients in it.

Pressure cooker saves energy

The pressure cooker saves a lot amount of energy because they are a far more efficient than ordinary cookware. Basically, the principle on which they work is very efficient.It absorbs less heat and develops a good pressure that can cook food in no time. Because they consume less time,hence they use less energy. This can help us a lot in saving our bills and in being economical.Here is a list of pressure cookers which are most energy saving-Most energy saving Pressure Cooker Pros.

Keeps the environment cool

We have seen in summers mostly that the appliances we use in the kitchen make the kitchen very hot and it is difficult for one to stand in it. In regular cookware,The heat rises upwards and directly affects you. Although a part of this heat is removed from the kitchen with the help of exhaust fans, but that is not enough. On the other hand ,the pressure cooker does not release the heat and does not let it escape,so it keeps the kitchen cooler if we compare.

Cleaning can be done easily

When we use regular cookware for cooking,the food and heat leave behind  residue which we are unable to clean easily. Oil and steam make the material of cookware dirty which is very unpleasing to eyesMore it requires a great effort for cleaning up. On the other hand ,pressure cooker has a tight lid which does not let it do the same. It removes any boil overs which are to be cleaned.So keeping in mind their advantages ,you must try Pressure cooker.


How to Get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit in the UK?

If you are suffering from the financial problems, you can get a payday loan to meet the necessary expenses of daily routine life while living in the UK. If your credit history is good, you can get a payday loan within a few hours. The problem starts when you have bad credit history. No company wants to take the risk on its money. Bad credit means you borrowed the payday loan from a Payday Loans UK company and you did not bother to return it. It will leave you with a continuously increasing interest, and you cannot get out of it easily.

When you apply for the payday loan, you have to provide proof that you will refund it once you receive the next pay. If the lender is not sure about your sound financial condition, the company will not approve the payday loan. If you have provided with the sufficient proof, the desired amount is sent to your account within 10 minutes.

How to Get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit in the UK

Well! Some companies can help you in getting approval for your short term loan. But you need to assure them about your previous good credit history. If you still have a bad credit history, you should give them a solid reason for not paying the previously borrowed payday loans. One proof to show your good credit is to pay all the utility bills in time. If you are paying the bills in time, it will show your good repute and sense of responsibility. The company will judge your credit score. The higher score of your credit will lead towards approval of your payday loan.

If you want to get a payday loan with bad credit history in the UK, you should use a recommendation from a reputed or financially secure person in your family or friends. For example, a wealthy brother can help you a lot in this regard. You can ask him to recommend you for a payday loan.

You should not go to the bank if you want to apply for a payday loan with bad credit. A UK citizen knows very well that it is useless to go to the banks to get a small amount of money. So, you should go to the private money lender companies who will lend you the small loans. Check a few well-reputed enterprises in this context and check their adjustable rate of interest too. Then go to the company that suits you the best and lend you the required payday loan within a few hours.

(Answered) My Computer is Offline How do I fix it?

My Computer is Offline

You face desperation when you are trying to connect to your network, but your computer seems to be offline in spite of every effort. The network you are connected with shows it is working, but you are unable to open any website. When you check the network connection while going to the Network and Sharing Center, it also shows you online. It creates an annoying situation indeed. That’s why I am here to share my methods with you as I also faced this kind of grim situation a few weeks back and I tried these methods and got rid of the problem.

Method # 1: Disable “Work Offline.”

When the “Work Offline” option in your Internet Explorer is enabled, it may create the connectivity issue. So, you need to disable this feature to avoid any offline problem. For this, you should follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Open the Internet Explorer. On the top right corner, there will be a few tabs. You need to select “Tools” tab from here.
  • The drop-down menu will show you an option “Work Offline” that would be enabled perhaps. You should click this option to disable it.

Method # 2: Reset Internet Explorer

If the first method does not work for you, try to reset the Internet Explorer. If you reset the settings, it will show you whether it is an error in the settings or just a performance problem. When you reset the configuration, it will automatically return to its original state when you installed Windows. Use the following steps to perform this action.

  • Open “Internet Explorer” window.
  • Here, you will find “Tools” tab on the top right corner of the window. You need to click this option to move ahead.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, you will see “Internet Option” that lies at the bottom of the list.
  • There is a list of tabs on the top row in the window. You should select “Advanced” that is the last tab.
  • Here, you will see at the bottom of the page “Reset” option. You should choose this option to reset the Internet Explorer.
  • Now select “Apply” and “OK” to make your changes effective.
  • That’s all. Close the Internet Explorer and re-open it to browse your desired pages. This time, it is responding well.

Method # 3: Try Other Browser than Firefox

Some users find this error when they seek to access the websites on the Firefox browser. Make sure it’s not dns server not responding error because in that case your ISP/router is occurring the issue you can use this fix to resolve the issue. Firefox often creates offline problems for the users. That’s why the users of Firefox facing this issue should try any other browser to confirm whether the issue is with the Firefox browser only or with the internet connection.

Method # 4: Try a Third-Party Tool

If the problem persists, you should use any reliable and trustworthy third-party tool. I would suggest you ReimageRepairs that is one of the best professional tools to detect and repair the system errors. You will find it a very helpful assistant that can provide you with the fix for every problem related to your computer. Once you use it, you will see there are no more “Computer Offline” issue and even no more any other problem. The system runs as if it is a new.

Download it from here.


Why you never Lose Weight? [Causes Revealed]

Why you never Lose Weight? [Causes Revealed]

If you cannot reach your ideal weight, you should investigate the reasons that prevent you from losing weight.

If you do everything correctly, you still cannot get rid of your excess weight, if you cannot get your kilos and get to your ideal kiln, you should add to it that there are other reasons as well.


Causes that prevent weight loss

Studies and experiments revealed that there are many factors that prevent weight loss. You can also have an idea about why you cannot lose weight by learning these factors. Here’s a list of reasons that prevent you from losing weight.


One of the biggest reasons why your diets do not work is still life. It used to be a 10 or 15 minute walk to talk to a friend, but now it’s only as if you have just mailed it or you can chat over the internet. If so, you choose to sit in motion.

Eat fast food

This is why eating fast food causes you to lose weight slowly. Swallowing foods after long periods of chewing means giving your brain time to record nutrients entering your body. In this way, the sense of taste is also satisfying. So the time between your understanding and the end of the meal is shortened.

Using a sweetener

You may be using sweetener instead of sugar to lose weight. However, the research shows that artificial sweeteners deceive the body about natural calorie intake and, therefore, reveal the desire to use more sugar.

Defective vegetables

You should be sure that you have washed your vegetables and salad materials well and choose those grown organically. You should stay away from hormone vegetables and fruit. These will be just like you would grow vegetables.

Foods with low fat

There is not really as much difference between high and low fat foods as you might think. This ratio is important in yoghurt, milk or cheese, but there is no difference between eating a cake with low fat and cooking with high fat.


Fruit juices with high fructose levels open your appetite. For this reason it is much more beneficial to drink fresh fruit juice or to eat fruit.


The brain secretes chemical substances that cause me to feel hungry as soon as I notice that the energy in the body is diminishing. The part that secretes these chemical substances also controls emotions and is the main reason why we run into the refrigerator immediately when we are bored or feel bad.

Skip meals

When you eat each meal, your metabolic rate increases by 20-30 percent within two hours, but if you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. Especially not having breakfast is the biggest problem, and your metabolic rate, which slows down by 5 percent during the night, stays at the same speed as eating again.


The liver is the fat-burning organ of the body, and if it is filled with toxins like alcohol, it will work harder for the burning process, causing much energy and fatigue. For this reason you should be careful not to consume too much oil or sugar in the drink.



You may prefer to have a salad for your diet, but you should not eat a salad with a sauce if you eat it outside. Because these salads are made with special sauces, calorie care is no different than a hamburger.

Your birthday

If you were born in winter, you are likely to have lost it because the research shows that winter babies are more susceptible to obesity. The reason for this is that they have a slower metabolism.

Birth control

Progesterone derived substances contained in birth control pills can cause water retention in the body. This effect is not a side effect that is expected to cause a permanent weight change if the substance is ‘water’, as it changes to the individual person. Pills can also cause an increase in appetite by affecting the center of hunger in pills.

Sleep disorder

According to research done, sleepers who sleep less than four hours at night get more weight than normal sleepers. Because a weary body can not burn the energy it burns on a normal day and its metabolism slows down. You should be careful to take your sleep regularly every day.


Newly married couples always complain about getting weight after marriage. The reason is that the result of sharing a life together is the desire to do everything at the same time. But when it comes to food, you can have a happy marriage in the same amount as your partner or without eating the same things.

Thyroid problem

If you are constantly tired, start to gain weight and are constantly cold, your thyroid may be lazy. This causes your metabolism to work more slowly. You should consult an expert for this and take care to get useful nutrients such as fish and nuts.